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How to order an Island

You can make up an island with combinations of our base cabinets. 

Some of the base units have a choice of depths, and you can use this feature to create an island the depth you want, for example a 600mm deep cabinet and a 300mm deep cabinet set back to back will give you an island 900mm deep.

You can use any base cabinets to make an island. The following cabinets are available at 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm depths to help achieve the depth you need.




There are 3 ways of finishing the sides when using back to back cabinets: 

  • You can use an end panel that fits neatly behind the frames as in the pic below. The item code for this is PP019. 

  • Alternatively, you can use our Island ends which comprise of a post, a panel and another post. These are available in a choice of lengths to match the depths of the cabinets you have chosen. You just choose the Island End at 40mm longer than the total depth of the cabinets so the posts protrude 20mm at each end. The following items can be used for this: PP009, PP012. 



    •  Thirdly you can use a Pot Rack End (ACCESS006 or ACCESS006A) from the Accessories category. ACCESS006 has 2 drawers. ACCESS006A has room for stools.



    Make an Island with Room for Stools

    You can also make up an island to use for stools by using a single row of cabinets with our Post/Panel/Post items: PP009 or PP012. You need to add a back panel, PP020, along the back of the cabinets as in the picture below. You then add a worktop over the whole island. This leaves space underneath for stools.