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About Us

We are Handmade Kitchens of Christchurch Ltd, and we have been selling bespoke kitchens for 17 years.

All of our cabinets are made by our own skilled craftsman in our own workshop in Nottinghamshire. From there we deliver to customers across the whole of the UK.  

We have showrooms in Esher, Surrey and Christchurch, Dorset, and you are welcome to visit our showrooms before you order from this site. The quality, materials and construction techniques you will see in our showroom are exactly the same as the cabinets you order from this website. 

You are also welcome to call us on 01202 475515 if you have any questions before you order.



What do we do?

We make bespoke handmade kitchens for our customers, but we do so at prices more usually associated with standard kitchen companies like Magnet and B&Q.

You can see from our "TV and Magazine Features" webpage that our kitchens often feature in national home magazines alongside kitchens from "top end" companies.   

We can do this because we don't have high rent high street showrooms, or layers of management/shareholders. 

Many of our customers are referred by friends, relatives or colleagues  who have been customers, and some have ordered 2, 3 or more kitchens over the years as they have moved house. 

There are some photos in the gallery, and some testimonials from previous customers. If you visit our main site you can see over 100 kitchens all photographed by customers. The main site also has over 100 testimonials going back to 2004.

If you can take your time, and/or you would like the benefits of made to measure cabinets please visit our main site here:


Why are we doing this?

It's well known that we often have a long lead time. This great for us, but often our customers plans are changed slightly by Builders or other suppliers and they need to push their kitchen delivery back a few weeks. This leaves us with a space in our workshop capacity, and to keep offering our really low prices, we need to make sure the workshop is full up all the time. This shopping cart will help as we will offer specific delivery dates on the site as they come up. This will help customers who need their kitchen quickly and will help us fill any short term vacant slots in our workshop capacity.

As a thank you to customers who fill these slots they will receive 50% off our normal prices. Please note that the prices quote on this shopping cart have already had the 50% deducted.