Owner's Report - The Harcourts


How long has it been since you installed your new kitchen?

Blimey - 5 years! Not that you would notice...

What has been your experience since that time using your kitchen on a daily basis?

Given that the kitchen is the most abused room in our house, I am amazed how well it all still looks and works. We still get compliments on how good it looks despite the fact that it is half a decade old! Drawers that are opened and closed dozens of times a day still run as well as the first time. It is just solid. Despite the inevitable knocks and scratches, there is no 'structural' damage whatsoever and it takes everything we throw at it. And once the kids are less excitable we can just repaint and it will literally be as good as new!

How did you first hear about us?

Good question! I think it was probably an internet search but the true answer is lost in the mists of time...

What attracted you to our company?

There were several factors. Initially it was the fact that we might get a bespoke, high quality "magazine" kitchen for a fraction of the price. But what sealed the deal was the ease in which we could plan and decide on which units to choose. The availability of information, including the cost, made it a very straight forward process.

Did you visit our showroom or buy from what you saw online or buy after being referred by a friend?

We decided what we wanted online, although we did take a day-trip to Christchurch to visit the showroom and check out quality and styles just to make sure. In hindsight it wasn't necessary but it was good to know there were humans involved.

Who did you deal with? (Karen, Myra, Jacky or Keith), and how did you find dealing with them?

I can't remember with whom I dealt - but I do remember it being very straight forward and efficient.

How were the delivery arrangements made, and how did the actual delivery go?

We agreed a delivery date that suited me and delivery was exactly as promised. It was just a shame the builders creating the space didn't follow the same programme!

Who did you use for installation, and how did it go in terms of the fitting of the cabinets?

Our building contractor fitted the units. They did a good job.

Have you referred us to any of your friends/relatives/colleagues?

We have recommended you several times.

Finally, what would you say to anyone thinking of buying their kitchen from us?

You are getting a lifetime's worth of kitchen at prices that compete with chipboard and melamine. Sometimes things are both too good and true!