Owner's Report - Kristy

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How long has it been since you installed your new kitchen?

1 year

What has been your experience since that time using your kitchen on a daily basis?


How did you first hear about us?


What attracted you to our company?

Great service and product

Did you visit our showroom or buy from what you saw online or buy after being referred by a friend?

My sister has one of your kitchens

Who did you deal with? (Karen, Myra, Jacky or Keith), and how did you find dealing with them?

Jacky and Penny

How were the delivery arrangements made, and how did the actual delivery go?

All very well

Who did you use for installation, and how did it go in terms of the fitting of the cabinets?


Have you referred us to any of your friends/relatives/colleagues?

Yes several

Finally, what would you say to anyone thinking of buying their kitchen from us?

Do it, I'm very impressed.